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Breezie Warmbloods only uses stallions with a strong dressage performance history.
Regardez Moi (imp)
Black 16.3hh 1996. Sire: Rubinstein Dam: Clothilde

Regardez Moi is the most winning Grand Prix dressage stallion in Australian history with more then 40 Grand Prix wins, with similar record wins in the Grand Prix  special and freestyles. Regardez Moi has won the Grand Prix championship at Equitana for the past three consecutive years. Last month saw him win the Grand Prix Special at Australian's biggest international dressage event, Sydney CDI and he was a clear winner in the Grand Prix Freestyle by more then 4% his record-breaking 6th win here this test.His wins also include being the Australian Grand Prix Champion on two separate occasion, and he represented Australia internationally at the 2009 World Cup Final in Las Vegas. Regardez Moi has sired many outstanding competition youngsters including Utopia Cardinal,now placing right behind his sir at Grand Prix. Other offspring are winning at PSG and Intermediate 1 levels. We firmly believe that Regardez Moi offspring will make a great contribution to Australia performing brilliantly at the Olympic Games in the near future.

Jive Magic (imp)
Bay 16.3hh 1996. Sire: Jazz Dam: Kind of Magic

Often described as the most powerful Grand Prix dressage horse in Australia. Jive Magic is Rozzie Ryan's big hope for the 2012 London Olympics. Jive Magic has won Grand Prix competitions at the biggest shows in Australia. Youngstock by Jive Magic tend to be spectacular and have a great reputation for winning right from an early age. Jive Magic’s oldest progeny are successfully competing at Grand Prix dressage competition level. In actual fact the very first Jive Magic foal was out of a Salute mare called Shannon and was in turn called Jeff the Chef. Jeff the Chef today is a winning Grand Prix horse in his own right competing in the USA with Silva Martin. The Ryan broodmare band available to Jive Magic would be the best bred dressage broodmares in Australia and comparable with the best in the world. Special youngstock always available.

Fiji R (imp)
Black 16.2hh 01/07/2004 Sire: Florencio I Dam: Hawaii

Fiji R is an exciting young imported stallion campaigned and trained by Breanna Tillitzki. Bree has had great success with Fiji R and is already winning with scores over 75% These scores have been posted at major competitions including Sydney competitions. Fiji R is now competing with success at PSG and Intermediare 1; performing this year at Australia's elite international,Sydney CDI 2014. Fiji R has the quietest of temperaments , just delightful. This temperament is a spectacular characteristic and can be found in the Fiji R foals. Fiji R has quite remarkable paces with a very distinctive walk. Trot is fully suspended with a definite ballerina poise between beats. Canter is beautifully balanced and uphill with super easy flying changes. The sire of Fiji R is Florencio who won the 5yo World Champion Young Dressage Horse title and then won the 6yo World Title the following year. Seriously spectacular. On Fiji R’s dam line is a mix of Trakehner through the very famous Hohenstein and thoroughbred through the Hill Hawke line. The Hill Hawke line has become famous as a dam line by also being the dam line of the Welt Hit line. Many of the top Australian riders have a Fiji R youngster growing out in their backyard for the future including Olympic riders such as Rachael Sanna.
Stallions used by Breezie Warmbloods
Black 16.2hh 2005 Sire: Sir Donnerhall  Dam: Rapunzel

Starnberg is the most glorious type with seriously correct conformation. He is a licensed stallion, having passed the Westphalian 30 day test in Germany. Starnberg has a very soft and round way of going. His walk has a deliberate walk march rhythm, which is pretty well so steady that it is unflappable. The trot is simply mesmerising with a wonderful, metronome-like swing and rhythm. He has a natural moment of suspension and is very beautiful with the bend in his knees and hocks. The trot is spectacular. The canter is magically up in front, is very round and very soft. Starnberg has a natural affiliation with collection and although the canter is very bouyant, he is able to produce beautiful collection and canter pirouettes. Starnberg has the most expressive flying changes down to magnificent one-time changes. Really beautiful to watch. All the while he is ever so light and steady in the rein contact and naturally maintains a very steady head carriage. Starnberg is training all the Grand Prix movements with spectacular piaffe and passage. Starnberg is a magnificent individual in lots and lots of ways!
Starnberg stood two seasons in Germany before arriving in Australia. In 2012 Starnberg was gelded but a limited amount of Frozen semen is still available
AEA Metallic
Bay 16.3hh 2001 Sire: Metall  Dam: Marina Ste

AEA Metallic has proven himself to be an inspiration for the sport of dressage  in Australia as a top class performer as well as the sire of the most outstanding moving foals ever bred in the country. AEA Metallic is an awesome mover with a powerful, elevated and cadenced trot. He not only has a front leg with that rare knee action but also an extremely active and powerful hind leg. The canter is just out of this world, so huge and big off the ground and again that wonderful front leg! The walk has a very big over track and again is just super impressive. Genetically AEA Metallic has been very much performance bred. By Metall who is by three times Olympic team silver medal winner Olympic Ferro. Metall's dam is by the legendary G Ramiro who bred not only jumpers but also international dressage horses. Interesting to note is that in 2005 Metall was represented by 17 offspring in the second round of the Dutch Dressage Championships for young horses in the Pavo Cup.  AEA Metallics dam is by Gabor who was approved in 1991 with 9's for stable behavior and trainability and 8's for temperament and canter. In Gabor's pedigree we find very famous stallions like Ladykiller, Wiesenklee and Joost!
Chestnut 17hh  26 / 9 / 2011. Sire: Quartback  Dam: Hunterveiw Benita.
Questing R is a fascinating addition to the Ryan stallion band. He was bred by Michelle and Judith Buckley., Hunterveiw Stud, Scone. Questing R is by Quarterback;carrying the Quando - Quando bloodline. Quando Quando represented Australia in 2006 at the WEG in Aachen, Germany, and the 2008 Hong Kong Olympics. Quando has the most amazing temperament and thishas passed down to Questing R. Quarter, sire of Questing R, was Bundeschampion 3yo riding horse scoring 10 for rideablity. On Quarterback's dam line is Poesie, by Brentano ll.Poesie is dam of Poetin who won the Bundeschampion as a 3yo , 5yo and 6yo.Poetin sold for 2.5million euros! Questing R, dam is by Brentano ll out of a Wenzel mare. Brentano ll is famous for producing international Grand Prix dressage horses including Brentina, winner of the World Cup Final in 2003 Goteborg, Sweden. Down the bottom of Questing R,s pedigree is Stirling Desire, with Donnerhall, Pik Bube and Salute bloodlines. Questing R has extreme big loose paces with promise of extravagant expression. We feel that in years to come, Questing R will be the most beautiful- looking individual. It is our hope that Questing R not only becomes a brilliant competition horse but also gives us a perfect out- cross for our broodmares.Questing R has just started his first competition at Alexanderpark Dressage on 30.5.2015 Left in photo is his second competition at Taree Dressage on 7.6.2015.
Constable is by the sensational eventing stallion Contenda who until recently was being ridden by Shane Rose at two-star eventing level. Contenda is battling an injury and may well have to retire but there are some absolutely sensational photos of Shane and Contenda jumping on the net.Contenda carries the fantastic jumping blood of Contender from Germany.Contenda also carries the TB blood of Bolero. Indeed the Bolero bloodline in Germany is today considered a dynasty. ON the dam line are equally impressive bloodlines. Constable is out of the mare Wimborne Paint it Black who in turn is by Gribaldi. Gribaldi is famous for siring many to be the Dutch Grand Prix dressage horses including Totitas. Totilas is considered by many to be the best dressage horse the world has ever seen to date. Totilas soid to Germany for a rumoured A$22million.Constable has started his eventing career with Heath Ryan in the sadle andis now a your into competition. Constable has been a standout success winning most of his starts and progressing rapidly to 1* eventing,the equivalent of Prix St George in dressage.Constable wins the dressage, is very brave and honest cross country and dose seems to have the most awesome ability to jump and simultaneously be super careful. It is still early days,however,Constable is giving off the signs of being an Olympic horse. Very exciting.

                       Wimborne Constable Pedigree.
Wimborne Constable 
Dark brown 16.2hh 22/11/2008. Sire:Contenda Dam: Wimborne Paint it Black.
De Niro 
Black Hanoverian  16.3 hh 1993. Sire: Donnerhall Dam: Alicante.
​In 1997, De Niro was vise champion of the stallion performance test in Adeheidorf with a score of 141.93 and  champion of rideabilty with a score of 145.41 point.

In 2000, he won Grand Prix dressage test at the age of seven.

In 20001 he won the German Championships of Professional Riders with his rider Dolf-Dietram Keller.

In 2002, he won interational Greand Prix special dressage tests in Saumur and Berlin.

​IN 2003, he was the winner of the Gern Dressage Derby in Hamburg.

In 2004, De Nino provided the champion Dancer at the licensing in Verden, following two vice champions in previous year.

In 2005, De Niro was dam sire of the champion stallion in Verden.

In 2006, with 14 descendants at the Greman Young Horses Championships, De Nino provided the largest contingent.

In 2007, De Niro's son Deveraux  become World Champion of the six-year-old horses in Verden.Several of De Niro offspring have been victorious in Grand Prix dressage competitions.v

In 2008, De Niro was honoured by the Hanoverian Society with the title"Stallion of the Year".

In 2009, De Niro  provided two European champion as well as Dablino, the most successful Grand Prix newcomer.

​In 2010, De Niro was  aworded place five of the World Breeding Federation for Sporthorses with 10 internationally successful offspring at Grand Prix- . His son Dablino won the Team Bronze Medal with rider Anabel Balkenhol in Kentucky at the world championship. Desperados by De Niro and his rider Falk Rosenbauer won the German Dressage Derby in Hamburg.

In 2011, the descendants of De Niro won a total amount of more then 230,000 Euros.The overall amount of price value of his descendants  reached more than 1,000,000 Euros.​

​2012, De Niro  is ranked first in the ranking of the World Breeding Federation for Sports Horses. Therefore he is the best dressage stallion of the world.

In 2013. De Niro confirmed his status as best dressage stallion of the world. The German dressage team with Desperados and D'Agostino won the Gold Medal at the European Championships in Herning. The stallion by De Niro- Rosario bred by Josef Greten, become champion stallion of the licensing in Oldenburg and was sold for sensational 910,000 Euros to the Danish Olympic rider Andreas Helgstrand..

​In 2014, the German Dressage Team including Desperados and rider Kristina Sprehe and D'Agostino with rider Fabienne Lutkemeier won the  Team Gold Medal  at World Equestrian Championships in Normandy. The overall amount of price value of De Niro's descendants in Germany reached more then 2,400,000 Euros.

In 2015, Desperados with Kristina Broring-Sprehe and Deigado with Beatriz Ferrer-Salat won Silver and Bronze at the European Championships in Aachen. By a wide margin, De Niro is the worlds best dressage stallion again.
De Niro  Pedigree.
MSL Nemo is arguably the best bred young dressage stallion in the world. He combines the Rio de Janeiro Olympic individual gold medallist. Valegro, and individual silver medallist, Weihegold, in one exciting stallion! To out knowledge no other stallion in the world does this! MSJ Nemo is now a 5yo and is broken in and has just started his competition career. as a dressage horse he is showing super talent and everyone is really excited. MSJ Nemo"s first foals were born last season and these were offered for sale in December 2017 auction where they were enthusiastically received and demanded high prices. MSJ Nemo is sired by Negro, who is also the sire of Valegro, ridden by Charlotte Dujardin. Valegro won the Olympic individual and team gold medals at London 2012 and at Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016 valegro again won the individual gold and team silver medals. Nemo Rs granddam Fermia on his dams side is a full sister to Don Schufro. Don Schufro is the sire of Weihegold was was ridden by Isabell Werth and who was theindividual silver medallistat th Rio de Janeiro Olympics and was also the team gold medallist. Two gold medals and two silver medals from Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic, all bundled up in one horse MSJ Nemo. a mgnificent stallion propect
Chestnut stallion 20/04/2013 15.2hh
Sire: Negro Dam: Royal Schufro
​The breeding on BML Totality is to die for.His sire Totilas is still considered today as being the most amazing dressage horse ever seen,and we are unlikely to see another horse like him for 100 years.Totilas broke all world records and is a living legend.The Totilas bloodlines are only just now starting to hit the competition scene and results look breathtaking.Perhaps the best current examples are the Totilas young stallion Glocks Total US ridden by Edward Gal and Glocks Toto Jr ridden Hans Peter Minderhoud.Look up the Black Magic show at the KWPN stallion show 2019.BML Totality is out of the Regardez Moi mare,Resplendent R.Regardez Moi having three times been the Australian Grand Prix Champion and having represented Australia at the World Cup finals in Las Vegas.Resplendent R is out of Jumping JanieR who is by the Grand Prix winning dressage stallion Jive Magic. The mare line on BML Totality bring in lots of great bloodlines in Donnerhall,Rubinstein,Jazz,Pik Bube,Angelo and Salute. As a young stallion with a great future BML Totality is so exciting.As a young sire with the best of the bloodlines BML Totality represts the edge of edge in state-the-art bloodlines.